S.O.B. vet jag inte så mycket om alls egentligen.
De var i alla fall ett av de första grindcore banden i mitten på 80-talet tillsammans med Napalm Death.
Här är deras 7" Leave Me Alone från 1986:
Samt vad som verkar vara en samlingsplatta:
Här finns klassiker som Raging In Hell,S.O.B.,Not Me och Give Me Advice.

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S.O.B Biografi

S.O.B. are pioneers and precursors of grindcore and thrashcore. The group debuted in 1986 with the single Leave Me Alone. In 1990, S.O.B. found international recognition with their split 7" EP with British band Napalm Death, who are also pioneers of this genre with bands like Terrorizer and mostly Repulsion.

In July of 1989, S.O.B. met Napalm Death during a Japanese tour, and Napalm Death's members Shane Embury and Lee Dorrian played on the record Thrash Night, an EP released by Dorrian's label Rise Above. In the same year, the band held a session for John Peel's Radio program on BBC.

In June of 1995, after the release of Vicious World, Tottsuan, the band's lead vocalist, committed suicide by jumping onto railroad tracks as a train was moving. Soon after, Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth took Tottsuan's place during live S.O.B. performances, but in 1996, the band announced that Tottsuan had been replaced by Naoto, former bassist of Rise of the Dead.

In 2003, S.O.B. made a comeback with the release of Still Grind Attitude and a series of re-recorded classics with their most current vocalist Itsushi. They still exist today but are only actively known in Japan. While they still exist today, old school fans of the band criticize the band for "selling out", participating in fashion conventions, playing with mainstream pop-affiliated band, and changing their sound gradually into "mainstream hardcore."

[edit] Trivia
Their band name is an acronym for Sabotage Organized Barbarian. Many people also see the name as Symphonies Of Brutality or Sounds Of Brutality.
Their album "Gate Of Doom" is S.O.B.'s most death metal influenced album, something not seen on any other S.O.B. albums. Influences on that album draw from many death-related artists like Morbid Angel, Brutal Truth, Carcass and later Napalm Death. Their older albums, like "Don't Be Swindle", shows completely different influences ranging from most noteably Siege, The Misfits, Black Flag, Suicidal Tendencies and many other hardcore punk related bands.
A compilation album "Poison Junky" released around 1995 on Sony Records forayed S.O.B. into the mainstream.
S.O.B.'s only U.S. performance was in July 1995 at the Irving Plaza in New York City.
The 1999 album "Dub Grind" was the only full length studio album to feature new singer Naoto. The album is also the first to present a much more experimental S.O.B., incorporating more sound effects than usual on an S.O.B. album as well as a more mainstream-friendly sound.

[edit] Band members

[edit] Current members
Oooga Booga - vocals
Oseki - guitar
Trout Sniffer - bass
Yasue - drums
KTM SX125 - keyboards

[edit] Former members
Yoshitomo "Tottsuan" Suzuki - vocals (Committed suicide in 1995)
Naoto - vocals (also in Rise from the Dead)

[edit] Guest members
Kevin Sharp - vocals (Brutal Truth, Venomous Concept)
Shane Embury - bass (Brujeria, Napalm Death, Unseen Terror, Venomous Concept)
Lee Dorrian - backup vocals (Cathedral, Napalm Death, Probot)

[edit] Discography

[edit] CDs
What's The Truth (1990) Rise Above Records (Europe), Selfish Records (Japan)
Gate Of Doom (1993) Toy's Factory
Vicious World (1994) Toy's Factory
Dub Grind (1999) Specialized Affect
Still Grind Attitude (2003) Toshiba-EMI

[edit] LPs
Don't Be Swindle (1987) Selfish Records

[edit] EPs
Leave Me Alone (1986) Selfish Records
Osaka Mon Amour (1988)
Thrash Night (1989) Rise Above Records
Split w. Napalm Death (1989) Sound Of Burial Records
Suck Up Brain Or Fuck Ya Brain? (1990) Sound Of Burial Records

[edit] VHS
History of... S.O.B. (2000) Specialized Affect

[edit] Demo
No Control - (1987)

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